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Unlock your potential

Unlock your natural potential to create and lead authentically, freely, powerfully in this world.

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My intention is to enable you.

My intention is to help you connect deep inside your self and uncover the strongest foundations for your self to be expressed through creation and leadership.

I want to help create the community of people who will deliberately, meaningful, consistently create a higher order reality. One that is created from a place of deep understanding of self, of humanity, of nature and the universe. It is a place of love, compassion, confidence and possibility. 

The world needs this right now.

This Human is the first step.

This Human is about a person—you. The one reading this page. Inside you’ll discover the things that enable, and hold you back, as a creator and a leader.

You are curious, open-minded and are seeking to become masterful in dealing with the greatest challenges of humanity. This book empowers you to maximise the impact of your work and ensure it can be manifested in the world.

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Programs to build upon your experience.

Inside my online programs you’ll find new ways to think about yourself, supported with techniques, tools and principles that can help you uncover your strongest foundations for creation and leadership.

Einstein said we cannot solve the current problems facing humanity from the same level of consciousness that created them.

Through deep leadership and deep design, we can lift our awareness to be designing and leading from a different place and reverse the damage humanity has done to this planet, ourselves and our future.

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"Dr Senova knows what she’s talking about. Here’s a book you can treasure, savour and revisit at every stage of your creative life."

Marty Neumeier
Director of Transformation at Liquid Agency. Recognised thought leader in brand strategy, innovation and design and best‑selling author of The Brand Gap, The Brand Flip and ZAG.

Coaching, workshops and events to inspire.

I work with executives, leaders and designers to help build the foundations that support meaningful change. To discover the bridges to possibility. I also speak about the things that challenge our existence and shine a light onto the things we cannot usually see. Sometimes the best place to start is in a conversation.

About Me

"In a market saturated with books on design thinking, Melis’ work stands out for its ability to delight, instruct and provoke! And most importantly, she reminds us to keep people (versus “users”) front and center of our work in strategy, service delivery and organizational design."

Natalie Nixon PhD
Design Strategist at Figure 8 Thinking, LLC.

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