Your design character increases your potency, confidence and impact in your work.

The accredited Design Character course teaches the elements of design character and how to develop them within yourself and your teams. 

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This course will help you create confidence and resilience in your design practice.

By choosing to be a designer, you are choosing to engage in work that directly influences how others interact with and perceive their worlds. Whether that is through the design of a product, policy, service or system, knowing the potentially far-reaching impacts of your work can be overwhelming, and the responsibility is great.

Your design character affects how all your design expertise impacts your work.

Design character describes the aspects of self that can be directly developed to increase your awareness, resilience and mastery in your work. Sometimes referred to as meta-skills, these are skills that sit behind your craft. They determine how you process the unique stresses that come with human-centred design work, support you to engage meaningfully in difficult conversations and navigate complex competing constraints.

What you will learn 

Although essential, Design Character is not regularly taught in design education. These meta-skills are the ones you lean on the most, they are operating in the background whether you know it or not, and they directly affect your performance in your job.

Develop an understanding of essential meta-skills for design practitioners

Engage with the latest knowledge and tools sets relating to developing design character within yourself and your teams. Increase the resilience of your personal practice and that of your team so you can tackle complex situations together with confidence and clarity. 

Enhance your ability to make critical design judgments in the moment

Design judgments are different from decisions and different to intuition. Design judgments are critical to mastering design within complex contexts and it depends solely on cultivating your design character. Learn about the nature of design judgments and gain access to the latest thinking on how to hone this skill. 

Develop clarity about your unique design character blueprint

We all have different world views, cultural contexts, and life experiences. This directly influences what we notice when we research, what we value as critical findings, and what we choose to communicate about our work. 

Craft and character go hand in hand. 

Nothing is more critical for those who are creating realities with others than to have mastery over who is actually doing the designing. You.

What you get

Those of you who participate and graduate from the Design Character course will receive the following:

how it works

The Design Character course is hosted completely on my This Human Community, which runs on the Mighty Networks platform. All the course content and messaging will be held on this platform in a private area alongside the main community.

Facilitated by Dr Senova

Personally designed and facilitated by Dr Senova, and also receive tailored mentoring from Melis throughout.


Individual learning 

Weekly reading and reflection tasks that build your knowledge and practice around cultivating design character.

Group learning

Weekly group zoom sessions with Melis as the facilitator to introduce new knowledge and explore new understanding.

Course project

Everyone will be progressively building and applying their design character blueprint as they learn more and apply elements of design character to themselves.

Peer support

The structure of this course creates opportunities to build meaningful relationships with other people who are also committed to an impactful career in design.

"Melis' beliefs workshop was a game changer for me. It helped me surface subconscious beliefs which were holding me back personally and professionally.

The best thing about the workshop was the insightful, gentle and supportive way that Melis helped me and others identify these beliefs step by step and then convert them into genuine opportunities we could address."

Joanne Osbourne-Taylor 
Lead Design Strategist at Portable and RMIT Masters of Design Futures Graduate

Application Process 


Anyone who is currently in the field of design (human-centered, service, strategic, transition, interaction, trauma-informed, etc) at any stage of their career will benefit from doing this work. Those who are not ‘officially’ practicing but are working adjacent to a design project currently are also invited to apply.

Application process

  1. Click apply now to fill out the form and reserve your spot
  2. Look for the email to schedule a call with Melis to learn more
  3. Receive enrolment and payment information (payment plans available)
  4. Receive the invitation to join the Design Character course
  5. Finalise payment and join your course in This Human community

Application deadlines

There are 16 positions available in the March cohort and we will close enrolments on Thursday 20th Jan, 2022.

For RMIT Masters of Design Futures students, it is best to apply as soon as possible to register your interest. This will ensure enough placements in the course.

We have two scholarships available for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people. Please contact us directly for more information.


$1,950 AUD

Applications close 20-Jan-2022

This course requires a commitment of 4.5 hours per week for eight weeks. 
  • Starting Thursday 3rd February 2022
  • 1.5 hrs/wk in zoom session with Melis
  • 1 hr/wk in small group sessions
  • 2 hours per week of individual learning
  • Finishing 24th March 2022
  • Receive 12 credits for RMIT MDF
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We acknowledge the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples as the true custodians of the land on which we live and work.