Continue the lesson and unlock your potential

Continue the lessons and work to re-frame your beliefs and unlock your potential.

Get access to new content that goes further than the book, with the support and structure of the lessons, with the guidance from Dr Senova.

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"Melis creates THE most wonderful workshops, and her “Beliefs Workshop” is up there as one of her best in my book. She gently guided us through uncovering our beliefs and deciding whether or not these serve us. This allowed me to see and understand aspects of my behaviour that were previously invisible. Once we were aware we could choose to change unhelpful beliefs to ones that help us be and show up in the world they way we want."

Kylie Savage
Human-Centred Design Coach and Facilitator | Producer - The Being Virtual Show 

You will be supported through this journey

16 STRUCTURED lessons

This self guided course is built from our in person program that has significantly unlocked the potential of many.

Five DETAILED worksheets

The five step self-paced program runs over two days, and has five detailed worksheets to support each of the steps.

Worked examples for each step

Melis walks through examples of completed worksheets, which you can also download, to help support your personal journey.

NEW Content beyond book

This course takes exercise 1.1 to the next level with downloadable worksheets and extra content and explanations.

Facilitated by Dr Senova 

Personally designed and facilitated by Dr Senova, this course gives you direct access through our community.

Two days — FOUR hours

This is deep work. It takes time. The first time you work through this, please allow several hours for each day of the course.

Discover your limits

Uncovering your beliefs will help you understand how they enable or hinder you. Your limiting beliefs are like the inner critic holding you back from your full potential.

Establish new beliefs

Creating new beliefs requires conscious effort. Some change quickly after a realisation, but others take time. The first step is starting the work and giving yourself permission to grow.

Unlock your potential 

Our beliefs shape our reality when you put them into action. The action helps manifest this new reality and re-enforce the new pathways in your brain that unlock your potential.

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