Our beliefs
shape our reality.

And our realities
shape our beliefs. 

Let's unpack your hidden beliefs and unlock your potential in this new course.

Two days of fundamental beliefs work for growth-oriented people who know that real change starts within.

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This work is foundational.

Beliefs are the fuel that propels us forward, and the invisible handbrake holding us back.

Our underlying beliefs are incredibly influential in our lives and professional work. Without a structure to examine them, many of our beliefs remain a mystery to us—they hold us back without us even realising.

This work is about unlocking your potential.

It is so fundamental to establish a practice around our beliefs. Beliefs work in the background and inform our action and attitudes. They are hidden influencers of how we turn up in the world. Your brain is a magnificent pattern matching device. Our beliefs are essentially a whole bunch of patterns we've created, to which our brains then match experiences and perceptions. This then creates your reality, which re-enforce our beliefs.

This work is for everybody.

We need to bring conscious awareness to this cycle if we are to grow and change. For anybody who is designing experiences for people, we must establish a practice where we understand what beliefs we have operating, and how they affect our work.

We need to understand how we can make sense of our beliefs so we understanding the role they play when we are working. For example, when doing research or when we are coming up with insights to improve products and services, we need to be conscious of the role that our beliefs are playing in the background. 

Over the years I have written many articles on beliefs and the impact they have, and in my coaching practice and in workshops I have helped dozens of people understand the internal beliefs they hold about themselves. We have worked together to unpack and reframe those beliefs and unlock their potential. I am happy to be able to provide the online course version of this work for you to do at your own pace.

This work is for you.

Discover your limits

Uncovering your beliefs will help you understand how they enable or hinder you. Your limiting beliefs are like the inner critic holding you back from your full potential.

Establish new beliefs

Creating new beliefs requires conscious effort. Some change quickly after a realisation, but others take time. The first step is starting the work and giving yourself permission to grow.

Unlock your potential 

Our beliefs shape our reality when you put them into action. The action helps manifest this new reality and re-enforce the new pathways in your brain that unlock your potential.

Now, more than ever!

I started building this course earlier this year before the lockdown, and well before #BlackLivesMatter.

As I was going through one of the modules about our tendencies, it occurred to me that these were really relevant right now.

Our tendencies are the patterns that we fall back on to cope in difficult situations.

Humans are wired to stay safe and avoid danger and unpleasant experiences. The tendency to stay away from pain can also be quite limiting in terms of the breadth of experience that is possible in life.

So understanding these tendencies not only helps you with this belief work, but it's applicable to navigating this complexity right now, as well as your life more broadly.

Now, more than ever, we know that real changes starts within. And it starts with our beliefs.  

Here's a clip from day two of Unlocking the Hidden Power of Beliefs.

This course is about bringing to your awareness that these strategies exist, that they are normal natural tendencies and behaviours that all humans have. And by knowing about them, you can build the capability to observe them in yourself. Once you've built that capability, you have a choice to do something about it. Otherwise, this stuff keeps happening in the background and you're not even aware.

Watch this short introduction, then check out the free lesson where Melis walks you through the various ways ways we tend to deal with unpleasant situations. This is really relevant right now.

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Facilitated by Dr Senova 

Personally designed and facilitated by Dr Senova, this course gives you direct access through our community.

NEW Content beyond book

This course takes exercise 1.1 to the next level with downloadable worksheets and extra content and explanations.

Two days — FOUR hours

This is deep work. It takes time. The first time you work through this, please allow several hours for each day of the course.

16 STRUCTURED lessons

This self guided course is built from our in person program that has significantly unlocked the potential of many.

Five DETAILED worksheets

The five step self-paced program runs over two days, and has five detailed worksheets to support each of the steps.

Worked examples for each step

Melis walks through examples of completed worksheets, which you can also download, to help support your personal journey.

"Melis' beliefs workshop was a game changer for me. It helped me surface subconscious beliefs which were holding me back personally and professionally. "The best thing about the workshop was the insightful, gentle and supportive way that Melis helped me and others identify these beliefs step by step and then convert them into genuine opportunities we could address."

Joanne Osbourne-Taylor 
Lead Design Strategist at Portable 

Unlocking the Hidden Power of Beliefs—Deep Dive Course.

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Unlocking the Hidden Power of Beliefs—Deep Dive Course.

Syllabus—Course outline

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