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Unlocking Solution Seduction

Unlock your creativity and create more impact by letting go of your attachment to seductive solutions. Avoid the cost and embarrassment of re-work and failed solutions.

If you're a designer or a leader who wants to have more impact through your work, then you probably already know you can't waste time pursuing the wrong solutions.



That's why the design process exists right? To properly explore the problem space and iteratively come up with and test the possible solutions.

Yet often we get into the trap of falling in love with our own solutions to early. Without realising it, we've by-passed the process and are working on a solution we think is going to work. And before we know it we've wasted time and effort going down the wrong track.

Chances are solution seduction is in play, and now we're stuck trying to recover a sticky situation. 

So what can you do to prevent solution seduction?

Recognising solution seduction early and releasing attachment in your teams and yourself are the key things to identifying and implementing better, more impactful solutions. It takes courage to face into this, and the rewards of identifying solution seduction early are far better than the costs of dealing with it later.

Presence and awareness are key to avoiding solution seduction:

Increase the quality and impact of your designs and solutions by knowing when you've converged too early

Feel confident you've explored enough so you can keep moving and deliver tangible solutions

Coach and lead others beyond solution seduction and lead teams effectively to amplify your impact

Knowing when you've become fixed in your thinking is an essential skill of self awareness for you as a designer and a leader.

Sometimes it unfolds like this:
You're in a design process and you or someone keeps bringing up the same solution time and time again. Maybe you keep suggesting it? Maybe your leader keeps directing your team to follow a particular path. 

Something doesn't feel right. 

Maybe you are feeling resistance from your team, you're feeling like you've lost authority, or lost control of the team; you feel helpless, like the opportunity is slipping away.

And you're not sure how to get people's support to keep moving forward.

You're seduced. Or your leader is seduced - that's why you're feeling the resistance.

Recognising that solution seduction is in play—in the moment—is key to unlocking these situations. It allows you to re-open the thinking and find the right opportunity, do what is required and increase the effectiveness and impact of your work.  

So why do we get seduced?

We think we don't have time to explore all the options

We forget that it's more important to get the right design, than to deliver the wrong thing quicker. And so we jump ahead thinking we are saving time.

We need to feel comfortable we have a solution

Not knowing the answer feels really uncomfortable but if we are 
too comfortable in the design process we are not pushing far enough.

We believe that human-centred design is too fluffy

Finding meaningful solutions to real human problems is one of the most challenging and 
meaningful pursuits one can commit to.

Most leaders new to design jump to solution too early,
and most designers jump too late.


Striking the balance is essential to your effectiveness as a design leader. I've learnt through 20 years of hands on design experience and 10 years of running my own design practice how to recognise solution seduction and what to do about it. I want to share these lessons with you so you can free yourself and your teams from attachment to seductive solutions.

I've learned that even though the path to becoming a more effective leader or designer can be ambiguous, the first place to always start is with yourself. 

You will: 

  • Learn how to diagnose solution seduction in yourself and in your team in your team.
  • Understand what do do about solution seduction.
  • Increase the quality and impact of your designs and solutions
  • Feel confident you've explored enough so you can keep moving
  • Be able to coach and lead others beyond solution seduction 

I guarantee you'll get something of value from this short course that will make a difference to every project you work on. I've seen it work in dozens of projects and I've embedded this as part of the practice at my design firm Huddle. If you feel that after this course you're not able to identify any solution seduction and release any attachment, simply reach out to me with your completed worksheets and I will refund your investment. 


Beyond solution seduction is the need to release yourself and your teams from attachment.


Attachment can prevent us from being open to new perspectives. New perspectives hold the key to innovation, creativity and impactful leadership. 

Learn how to identify if you've become attached to an idea, a solution or a fixed way of thinking.

Learn how to let go of attachment and when to hold on!

Build self awareness in your practice of design and leadership.

Buy both and save!

I've bundled the Solution Seduction and Releasing Attachment modules together in this offer for you. This means that with the one investment you can identify problems and take action. These short courses are normally $99 each, and I'm offering this at an introductory price of $147 for both which means you're getting one for half price!


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