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Foundations of Deep Leadership

Learn how to provide connected and creative leadership of yourself and others. Launching soon!

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Unlock your potential

Become a person of well considered creative action and enduring impact.

Go against the trend of fast facts and take time to think deeply about your potential.

This requires deep thinking.

Create more impact

Become a powerful, unexplainably great design leader, through a deep practice.

Understand what it takes of you to lead design with confidence, clarity and grit.

This requires deep design.

Be a compelling leader

Become a powerful, influential leader through real human connection.

Understand what is required of you to effectively lead creative teams.

This requires deep leadership.

About Foundations of Deep Leadership

Foundations of Deep Leadership is an online course developed from my executive leadership coaching program. Comprising of seven modules, this course will help you learn and apply what it takes to lead creative teams effectively. Become a powerful leader through real human connection.

This is a course focusing on two humans: 
leaders who are not designers;
and designers who are not leaders. 

With the increasing awareness of design as a powerful practice in business, more leaders are finding themselves leading design teams. Without a background in design it can feel challenging to lead teams through the inherent ambiguity that comes with the design process. You are seeking to enable more creative leadership of others, and more effective innovation and creation in your work.

This course is for you.

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