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Deep Leadership Coaching

Personal, one-on-one coaching with Dr Melis Senova to support you with your design leadership.

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Deep Leadership Coaching

Intimate one-on-one coaching with me
to develop your deep leadership potential.

I offer personalised, one-on-one coaching sessions to further develop and enhance your leadership and management skills, in order to take you to the next level. Get direct access to my knowledge, experience and advice on how to handle many types of complex design and leadership situations, or go further and dive into my proven, tailored program for profound change.

Each journey is expressly individual.
Like you. 

I've worked with C-level executives, heads of state, designers and entrepreneurs, and my coaching program can help support you being able to lead in this complex world. I can help you establish new practices and disciplines, and learn from my unique perspective. The people I've worked with have found this to be a fundamental platform for change and an essential practice in their effective leadership. 

Why you?
Because you are here.

You've already got the right ingredients—the self awareness to be here. I can help support you in building on this and establishing your own practices just like those used in many pursuits that require performance at the highest level. What we aspire to achieve requires these disciplines to be established and honoured.

"What’s inside,
manifests outside." 

Let's start with a conversation and see what's inside. Book some time with me. 

"For all her superpowers - Melis is inspiring and an original thinker, authentic knowledge and boundless mind space for possibilites. Melis helped teach me how to think about myself and to appreciate my own superpowers, and find the next path."

Andrew Henderson— Managing Director, Head of Engineering & Architecture, JPMorgan Chase & Co, New York
Full Deep Leadership Program (2016)

Individual Sessions


Personal one-on-one coaching session that runs for an hour in person or over video.

These sessions can support a great variety of immediate needs—sensemaking, guidance or support, advice and reflections leveraging my unique experience and knowledge. 

Tap into insights from my past and current work and learn how these can be applied in your context. 




Personal one-on-one coaching package, with seven one-hour face-to-face sessions (or over video), once every two weeks.

Each session starts with your current context and progress, with refection to uncover opportunities for growth and change. 

I support you with insights, guidance and appropriate resources that will help you deepen your leadership practice.

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This is my personal one-on-one coaching program I run with C-Level Executives over seven months with structured, tailored coaching.

  • Longer sessions every two weeks 
  • 14 Sessions—1.5 hours each
  • 21 hours contact + 56 hours work
  • Structured, with assessments

Limit two people per year. Applications for 2020 now open.


Book time with me to help decide. 

Book a free, 15-minute session with me so we can talk about what might be best for you, and so we can meet each other.

Start by selecting a date:

"One of the things I admire about Melis is her unfailing belief and commitment to creating meaningful change in the world and I know that with this belief she will be one of the few people I will meet in my lifetime who has the ability and drive to actually affect change. This passion is infectious and she constantly inspires me and others she touches to challenge the way we think about the world and what we can do to be a part of that change."

Deirdre Boyle
Chief Product and Marketing Officer, Bank Vic

"Melis is one of the most outstanding individuals I have known in both professional and personal capacities. Her understanding of human-centred design is profound, yet never overwhelming to those new to her style and techniques. She has been a pioneer in the fields of User Experience and Service Design for well over a decade, and I have always grown from our collaborations. A beacon for our industry."

Dr Rod Farmer
Leader of McKinsey Design (APAC)

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