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This Human reaches out to those who are curious, open-minded and are seeking to become masterful in their craft of designing meaningful alternate realities for humanity. The book empowers people to maximise the impact of their work by unveiling the mindsets that occur, and need to occur, to ensure this level of impact can be manifested in the world.

There are many great books about the design process, tools and methods. One missing aspect, almost in an ironic twist, is what it takes to be the person who is actually doing the designing. This Human is about that person.

The person who needs to observe to gain insight, to make sense of their observations in a way that isn’t biased by their own world views. The person who needs to communicate in many different ways with many different intentions to communicate information which is often hard to access, difficult to grasp and just not that tangible. The person who is so passionate about having a positive impact they become exhausted one third of the way into their project. This book helps these people to learn more about themselves and how to think and be in their practice—to grasp all that is going on inside that then influences their creations.

Where to buy This Human

You can get your copy of This Human from all sorts of places globally. Please let me know if you can't get one in your part of the world.


This Human is available in Australia at Readings and The Hill of Content booksellers. You can also purchase a copy from Huddle in Melbourne.

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If you live in Europe, you can buy direct from my fantastic and supportive publishers, BIS Publishing.
Love you guys.

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I've had great support from Barnes & Noble in the US for the distribution and sales of my book especially at SXSW. 

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Most places

Most places around the world can get my book from Amazon. Let me know if you're having trouble getting a local copy.

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"This Human focuses on people who are determined to have impact with their work and what it means to be human in this time of rapid change and shift. ... This reshaping is essential to ensure we address the complex challenges facing humanity and the planet."

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