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Conscious reframing: a fresh perspective

I want to share with you a powerful ability that comes standard issue with being a human. That is the power of reframing. I wanted to do this now as I have recently released two modules about solution seduction and attachment, and reframing is essential to both.

For us to deal with our solution seduction or attachment, we can use reframing as a way to release the attachment. Reframing is our ability to look at exactly the same situation from a fundamentally different perspective, in so doing, reframing that situation. Our brains are pretty powerful. When you realise you’re not the thinker, (thank you Eckhart Tolle and many other spiritual teachers) you realize you do have control over your thoughts. And if you have control over your thoughts, then you can choose which perspective to hold as you make sense of any situation.

In my recent beliefs article I used a sketch of a high jumper to illustrate the powerful impact beliefs can have on our...

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