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Life lessons and a motorbike

I recently took the plunge and learnt how to ride a motorcycle. YIKES!

I have been wanting to get my motorbike license for close to two decades now and have finally done it. I didn’t anticipate the life lessons I would learn through the experience, and I wanted to share them with you. It is so fascinating from where deep learning can come when you adopt a beginner’s mindset.

I learnt how to drive a car in a manual—I decided to do the same thing when learning how to ride a motorbike. Despite having all the mental models in place regarding what is required to drive a manual transmission; balancing clutch, friction point, and throttle, different parts of your body are doing those functions on a motorbike. I found it so challenging to reassign those functions from my feet to my hands. For those of you who haven’t ridden a motorcycle before, your left-hand controls the clutch, your right-hand controls the throttle and front brake, right-foot controls the rear...

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The three dangers of certainty.

We tend to like to keep things knowable. And by knowable I’m referring to feeling as certain about something as we possibly can. The conundrum is that most domains that require design and leadership are complex and dynamic, and some aspects of these systems are unknowable. And where we have complexity and ambiguity what do we have? Yep… we have uncertainty.

The way we typically deal with uncertainty is to view it as something that needs to be managed. We do this in business all the time, we manage uncertainty with a risk lens. Coming up with multiple risk mitigation strategies to know what to do if a particular scenario plays out in an unpredictable future. And when we have a risk mitigation approach to uncertainty what inevitably happens is we get rid of as much of it as we can. Mostly because we feel more comfortable and in control. We feel we make better decisions when we have more certainty, in fact, we often wait to act as we wait for certainty to reach a certain...

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