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Life lessons and a motorbike

I recently took the plunge and learnt how to ride a motorcycle. YIKES!

I have been wanting to get my motorbike license for close to two decades now and have finally done it. I didn’t anticipate the life lessons I would learn through the experience, and I wanted to share them with you. It is so fascinating from where deep learning can come when you adopt a beginner’s mindset.

I learnt how to drive a car in a manual—I decided to do the same thing when learning how to ride a motorbike. Despite having all the mental models in place regarding what is required to drive a manual transmission; balancing clutch, friction point, and throttle, different parts of your body are doing those functions on a motorbike. I found it so challenging to reassign those functions from my feet to my hands. For those of you who haven’t ridden a motorcycle before, your left-hand controls the clutch, your right-hand controls the throttle and front brake, right-foot controls the rear...

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