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intention purpose values Oct 23, 2016

I was recently asked to write about stance and its role in design. Well, its role in anything actually. Stance is different to values, it is different to your intention. It describes how you choose to ‘be’ in the pursuit of something, whatever that might be.

Having loved sailing my whole life, I tend to use sailing as a metaphor to describe it. If your purpose is the reason why you sail, for the love of sea and nature, your intention is where you aim to get to, the island in the middle of the bay, your stance describes how you sail the boat to get there, whether you race or you cruise.

Describing your stance sets up how you will ‘be’ as you go about getting your work done. It sets up how you interact with your work, with each other, your approach to problem solving and dealing with challenges and successes.

Stance can be deliberately considered in the design of teams, projects and work. It can influence decisions about...

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