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The anatomy of a belief.

beliefs thoughts Jan 25, 2019

I have spoken about beliefs many times as they are so important to how we perceive the world and show up in it. These beliefs run in the background, most of the time we are unaware they are influencing our decisions and judgements. I've learnt that becoming self-aware, and having mastery over which thoughts become reinforcing and which don't, introduces a sense of autonomy and agency to how you live your life.

Beliefs are really just thoughts that have been reinforced over time with direct experience (or sometimes without). Here's how I make sense of beliefs, explained with a little story about high jump.

This is Fred. He has never tried high jump before, has no past good nor bad experiences of anything that looks remotely like high jump. He is a person who enjoys new experiences, so runs towards the bar with abandon.

Unfortunately for Fred, the bar is set a bit too high for him, and he doesn't make it. The bar bumps him on the knee and it hurts. This is his first experience...

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