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Uncategorized Dec 21, 2018

Dearest Everybody,

It is nearing the end of the year and I wanted to post a personal reflection about what being human means to me.

I've made many changes this year, and dealt with many challenging moments, as I am sure you have as well. There are some things that have changed within me, and others... the deepest parts of me remain unchanged. I wanted to share those aspects with you, as they are very human. :-)

A desire to live deliberately and consciously. I remain aware of the impermanence of everything and swim in gratitude for life, no matter what form it shows up.

A desire to love completely and connect deeply with others. I remain in awe of the capacity of humanity, and I seek to connect deeply with those close to me and those new beings who cross my path. I do what I do so we can become more self aware and able to be more vulnerable with each other. To decrease the distance between each other and not feel so separate, like we need to do it all alone. 

A desire and willingness to keep creating. I want to keep putting my thoughts and ideas out there, no matter how terrifying it gets. I do this with the hope they will help someone, somewhere at some time.

A desire to broaden my experiences, to step into discomfort and to change even the hardest aspects of myself. Every time we take a deep breath and step into something we are unsure about is an opportunity for expansion and learning. The more we stay within the safe patterns of our lives, the more well-worn those patterns become and the harder they are to notice. For those of us who are forever curious and in awe of the magic that this is universe, collecting eclectic experiences fills our cup.

I hope you have had a year of growth, of challenge and of joy as I have. I look forward to spending more time with you in 2019 and I hope that my work will help you in every way it can.

With love, 



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