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Melis Senova PhD

Dr Melis Senova is a published author, a pioneer in human-centred design, a founder of her own strategic design consultancy, Huddle, and a highly-regarded and enterprising thought leader.

Melis is a well known thought-leader in human-centred design, founder of strategic design consultancy, Huddle and author of This Human. Melis is a recognised executive coach working locally and internationally, she is also the founder of Huddle Academy, a school focussed on building creative problem solving capabilities for individuals and organisations. She is a two times SXSW speaker and sort after voice on topics of design and leadership. She is also the author behind

Melis brings multiple disciplines to her practice. She is a biomedical engineer, a published author in peer reviewed journals in the fields of Neuroscience and Audio Engineering and holds a PhD in Human Factors (human centred design). Melis is a member of Creative Victoria’s Creative State Advisory Board, and a member of the advisory board for A Vision for Australia—a series of Annual Economic Summits hosted by Global Access Partners.

Melis has been advocating human-centred design in many different contexts since 1999. In starting Huddle she has created the beginnings of a legacy and ecosystem of companies and organisations all geared toward deliberately designing holistic value for humans and the planet.

For us to have a meaningful impact on our planet, for the beings on and within it, we need to unleash our imaginations in meaningful ways so we can dream up a better reality for all. It really is that simple‚ and that important.
—Melis Senova—


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"We must reimagine the realities we create for ourselves and those around us, for humanity in general... We are the artist and the art. We get to choose how we paint this life we live and how that then transforms who we are."

Melis Senova
Founder and Author

About This Human

This Human is my book and way to help you connect deep inside your self and uncover the strongest foundations for your self to be expressed through creation and leadership.

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